Cutler Country Comfort
Contact: Randy and Sally Cutler and Family
Address: 2554 County Rd. N Milladore, WI, 54454
Email Address:
Phone: 715-457-2781
About Us
Cutler Country Comfort has been a family farm since 1949.
Randy and Sally have owned and managed this 230 acre farm
in Central Wisconsin since 1976. These life-long teachers
share the skills they have learned from their family over the last 35 years with others while producing food.
Sally and Randy are working towards self-sufficiency and
autonomy in their lives, while training others time honored
farm skills in food production.
Through the use of the a high tunnel, a greenhouse, livestock grazing, gardening and fruit production, Cutler Country Comfort offers year-round food to local patrons. The farm uses natural organic farming methods to produce the food, practices Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) for safety, and is continually working toward a permaculture landscape.